Release Notes

February, 2021

Update Progress on BIM
Construction updates can be added to the BIM in the Progress Tab using simple edit options
Edit options include the facility to record the data stagewise
Construction updates can be added while viewing the Digital Twin on the same screen
Role-based access and improved viewing experience delivered
The new ‘Settings Window’
Custom statuses, priorities, and labels (tags) can be defined based on the specific project/ business requirements
These statuses and custom settings can be used to tag tasks, discussions, and issues for better management of the open items
The New ‘Captures Window’
Drone imagery, 360-degree camera captures, and other forms of raw data captures can be uploaded from the web portal
New captures can be created and uploaded as and when needed
Within every new capture, multiple upload files can be created and uploaded to the server.
A list of uploads is available for viewing and deleting. Only admin users have the permission to handle the ‘Captures’ feature
Progress Walkthrough of the BIM
A progress walkthrough is now available for the BIM. The walkthrough displays all the recent developments that happened on the construction site, overlaid on the BIM.
While viewing the progress a ‘Progress Detail’ card will appear for every change that was recorded on the construction site
Improved Progress Visualization
The traditional progress view feature has been enhanced with two options: 1) Progress View 2) Changes View
The construction updates made to the progress view on the BIM can be tracked in the Changes View window
Stage Configuration in Pipeline Progress Monitoring
The color-coded stages can now be configured for projects that will be reflected as various stages in the maps view of pipeline monitoring
A search option has been added to the TP/IP points. On searching, the map view will zoom and focus the map on the searched location.
Along with the pdf, a CSV file can be exported that will contain the progress of TP/IP ranges in tabular format
Dashboard Enhancements
A provision to add the ‘Project Image’ has been provided in the Dashboard (The Project Image will also be displayed on the loader screens)
The dashboard will display a pie chart displaying the project progress status.
The dashboard will display a bar chart for task count grouped by the due date.
The dashboard will display a bar chart for task count grouped by labels (tags)
The dashboard will display a table of tasks for the following categories - completed in the current week, overdue tasks, and upcoming deadlines
The dashboard will display a summary of issues similar to the tasks
Enhanced Security
Now, uses the latest security tokens to manage encryption and user authentication
Users will be logged out after 1 hour of inactivity
Bug fixes
The TP from and TP to filter dropdown shows complete texts (truncation removed)
The task/issue/discussion creation dialogue boxes have increased height
Pipelines maps are displayed in zoomed out mode with options to zoom in while clicking on the TP/IP labels
TP/IP labels are on the top of the extrusions
The option to maximize floor map has been placed in front

January, 2021

Enhanced Dashboard
The progress summary and the S-curve is accessible on the dashboard
View the metric of open and closed tasks on the dashboard
See issues by priority-level on the dashboard as a pie chart
Track the open tasks and issues from lists added to the dashboard
Manageability Addon to Tasks, Discussions, and Issues
Pre-built tags such as architectural, RFI, Safety, and more are available to tag the tasks, discussions, and issues. Organize the open items better with relevant tagging.
Tags can be added when creating the tasks, discussions, and issues, or maybe updated later
Users can filter their tasks, issues, and discussions using a single or a combination of tag(s)
Update to Pipeline Monitoring Features
Terminal Points (TPs) are visually distinguishable from Intermittent points (IPs) in the Digital Twin
TPs take hierarchical preference while zooming out in the maps view
Visual Context across Maps, Mesh and Tour
Maintain same context(view) across digital twin pages i.e. across the tour, BIM, and Maps
While Switching from one mode to another, the application maintains the previous view in another mode.
Bug Fixes
Added weightage column in project plan list view
Fixed validation issues in add and update activity dialog in project plan page

December, 2020

Enhanced Task Management in Comparison Mode
Tasks, discussions, and issues tagged on the Digital Twin will be displayed in the BIM comparison, timeline comparison views
Users can open, add, edit and remove discussions, tasks, and other recorded items in the comparison view
Users can click on the tasks and other items on the Digital Twin to zoom into the exact location
Enhanced Task Management in the Map Mode
Users can now contextually collaborate on maps. i.e. they can create tags based on map locations.
Users can create tasks, issues, and discussions on the map directly.
Enhanced Floor Plan
The floor map displays the locations where images were taken.
Users can navigate to the image by clicking on the floor map.
Maximize the floor map on the display screen.
Documents and Reports
Users can add and manage documents related to the project on the portal's new Dashboard page.
Users can access all the reports generated by on the new Reports page
Additional Enhancements
White labeling features are available now - Organizations can display and link their logos to their account.
Users can signup on using just their email ID without registering their organization.
The side navigation can be collapsed when not needed
Bug fixes and other performance enhancements added.

November 27, 2020

Maps Integration
Maps as a separate view has been included and accessible from the left menu
Orthomosaic layers can be visualised on platform as raster tiles
View controls such as zoom, reset & full screen capabilities
Pipeline monitoring is NOW supported
Visualise pipeline progress using 3D visualisations on maps
Choose a past date to view the progress for past dates.
Users can compare different snapshots at different dates with timeline-compare feature
Users can view progress for every stretch or activity, view progress between dates and download reports
Users can apply filter between different lengths of pipeline using filters
Users can measure lengths using measure icon in the toolbar
Visual comparison across timelines using a split screen slider
Reports Page
Customers can upload reports or documents (15 MB limit) at project level using the NEW Reports page accessible from left menu
View the list of reports in the reverse chronological order
Report/Document search on top
Floor Map integration
Display the floor plan in the bottom left corner of the Tour page
Highlight the current location & orientation of the user w.r.t the floor plan
Bug Fixes
Support white-labeling for partners
User profile home redirection issue
Contextual dialog height adjustment
Gantt empty message changed
Multiple files successfully uploaded message getting multiple times issue
Download files directly instead of showing in other window
Tree Hierarchy deleted item not reflecting in breadcrumb

November 13, 2020

User Experience 2021
We have completely overhauled the UI and UX of the platform. We have also included additional functionalities, thanks to the feedback you shared with us. The latest update of boasts of a clean design, easy navigation, and modern iconography backed by a robust compute engine that delivers fast and accurate data.
Lightning Fast Browsing
The platform pages load faster than before. With our image first approach, site images are displayed first when you load the site tour. This will help you to review the site work faster. If you want to get a closer look at the progress.
Launch of the Official Website has launched its new official website with this first step, we are ready to deliver to you the latest content and best practices on remote construction management from industry thought leaders and practitioners. Keep a watch!